Big Bite Catering Co.

Growing up in Hawaii, mobile food units were everywhere. Every popular surf spot had a food truck or cart sitting there serving mostly Hawaiian BBQ or other Asian, Polynesian fare. As kids, we would surf, eat a giant “Plate Lunch”, rest and head back out to surfing. My love for food was as strong as my love for riding waves.

Our slogan, “Big Food. Big Flavors. Big Bite” came about because of my exposure to the foods of Hawaii. Portions are huge and full of flavor, and often times messy! Our specialty dogs (like our Colorado HOTT) are all beef franks covered in big toppings. Our tacos are tasty and I don’t know anyone who can eat JUST one. And of course, our Hawaiian BBQ Plate Lunches are filling and full of big flavor. 

I’m so excited to merge these two worlds; my love of quick, fast, tasty food as well as putting my culinary training to good use!  The result is Colorado Big Bite Catering Company!  Book us for parties and events, or find us in Boulder or Estes Park!  We hope to see you real soon!