What For? Apparel Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up For My Own Store? 

To sign up for your own store, click here!

• Which Store Configuration template do I select when signing up for the store? 

When you arrive to that portion of the sign up form select "New Affiliate Template"

• Where Can I find instructions that will help me create my webstore?

We have created a series of tutorial videos for just that purpose! Click here to access them!


• How do I log back into my store to continue editing? 

To access your store you must type in the 'Store URL' that you created when you filled out the initial sign up form. 
For example: You would enter "yourstorename.whatforapparel.com" into the address bar and log in with the username and password you created 



• How long does it take for my customer to recieve their order? 

We ask for 7-10 business days for fulfillment time


• Who handels returns and/or exchanges? 

What For? Apparel handles all customer service related issues


• What is your return policy? 

If an item arrives damaged or defective we will exchange the shirt within 30 days of purchase.


• How do I make money? 

What For? Apparel does not take a percentage of your sales. Instead we have a wholesale price associated with each item that we offer. When you set your retail price for your customer you will make the difference every time an item sells. 

For example: Let's say we (What For? Apparel) charge $12.50 per tshirt. 
If you were to sell that shirt for $22 you would make $9.50 per shirt sold. 

Your Retail Price ($22.00) 

- Our wholesale price ($12.50)


Your Profit ($9.50)


• What is included in your wholesale price? 

Great question! Our wholesale price includes much more than just the tshirt. Our prices factor in: 
Ink Cost, Labor, Shipping and Handling, and webhosting costs.

Do you help with designs? 

Yes! We offer a Design Collaboration program in the event that you need help bringing your ideas to life! The first 10 designs we create for you are free of charge. After that, we charge $10 per design created.

• Where can I see a catalog of what you offer? 

We offer a catalog/information packet that details everything covered in the FAQ page as well as a list of products we currently offer! To request a catalog please email josiah@whatforapparel.com

• I have a specific shirt in mind that isn't in your catalog. Now what? 
Have no fear. We have access to hundreds of brands through our supplier. If there is something specific you are looking for, we can find it for you!


• Okay this all sounds great but what's the catch? 
This is the most common question that we get! When partnering with What For? Apparel, there is no catch! We promise!
All you have to do is drive traffic to the online store you create and we do the rest. If you are ready to create your own online webstore, click here!



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