Team Tre 

Tre Rucker has a rare genetic blood mutation called ATCA 2. It creates too many white blood cells and white brain matter.
On June 9th, Tre woke up unable to move and paralyzed from the waste down as a result of a stroke on his spinal cord and a brain aneurysm. There is no cure for ACTA 2 and really not much research on it. Right now, Tre is doing physical therapy to try and get feeling and control back in his legs.
Tre will need to have the aneurysm dealt with but specialists are trying to decide the best way to do so due to his rare genetic mutation.
The proceeds from these ‘Team Tre’ Tees will go towards off setting the costs that come with medical treatments, hospital visits, physical therapy and eventually the surgery to deal with the brain aneurysm. Your purchase is much appreciated by Tre and his family.


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